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An abstract is a summative overview of a research article, research report, research paper, dissertation or thesis. Most all universities require students to include an Abstract in their Dissertation or thesis.  There is a similar requirement for the inclusion of an abstract with long research papers, term papers, research reports and research articles.  

A well written Abstract provides readers with a map of the research paper, term paper, dissertation or thesis and highlights the main points.  It tells readers where the dissertation, thesis, term paper or research paper is heading, its argumentation strategy and its contributions or value.  The abstract should positively present a thesis, research paper, term paper or dissertation and must be concise and precise.











This is what a Dissertation or Thesis Abstract would look like:

The research study adopts a case study approach to the investigation of the environmental sustainability of air freight activities at Birmingham international Airport beyond 2008. The environmental aspect focused upon was air quality. In response to this concern, the study reviewed the literature on the impact of airport activities on the surrounding region’s air quality and found that there were unavoidable environmental consequences. At the same time, studies also led to the conclusion that airports are economically indispensable as they vitalise the regional economy, attract investment and connect it to the global economy. This is particularly true in relation to air freight activities.

Survey questionnaires and interviews further supported the findings of the literature review. They indicated that while there was an environmental cost to airport activities, especially air freight ones, the economic benefits outweighed the environmental costs. This, in itself, determined the sustainability and continuation of airfreight activities. Nevertheless, to ensure continuation of airfreight activities, it is imperative that airports implement strict environmental and air quality regulations and policies. The study proposed an air quality control model for implementation at Birmingham International Airport.

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