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Academic Degrees

Academic degrees are conferred upon students by his/her educational institutions, upon the successful completion of their studies. Academic degrees are distinct from academic certificates in that they are rarely awarded at the school, or pre-college/university, level.(*) The Academic Degree one is awarded, records both the student’s academic achievement level and his or her major, or area of speciality. Hence, the degree will clearly stipulate whether the student had successfully completed an undergraduate academic degree programme, graduate academic degree programme or post-graduate academic degree programme and whether it was in the Arts, the Sciences, Business or any of a vast array of academic subjects and specialisations, in which you may earn a degree. 

It should be noted that the successful completion of an academic degree programme and the subsequent receipt of an academic degree, is popularly thought to confer status upon individuals. In the job market, it certainly does. In fact, white-collar employment opportunities are (almost) exclusively reserved for those who have earned a minimum of an undergraduate academic degree. In more general terms, those with an academic degree are popularly regarded as more employable than those who terminated their formal academic education at the High School level and, naturally, are in the higher income-earning bracket. Furthermore, those who earned their degree with Merit, HD or Honours’ status are both more employable than their peers and earn up to 200% more than they do in a single year. It is, thus, that the importance of education and the extent to which it factors into career success, is often emphasised. 
(*)         In most European countries, Australasian and some Asian ones, a degree is awarded at the college/university level, while a certificate at the school-level. In some countries, however, the two terms are used interchangeably to refer to the academic status earned following the successful completion of a particular scholastic programme.