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A college or university application essay is an important part of the student’s application pack.  An application essay influences a university's decision to accept or reject a student's application.  While students may follow a standard format for the composition of their  application essay, it is best to seek the advice and guidance of  application esay writing experts. Application essay writing experts have an in-depth knowledge of that which individual universities and colleges are looking for and can prepare you an application essay which satisfies the exact requirements of the university or college which you are applying to.

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Example of a Nursing School Application Essay:

Deciding one’s future and choosing one’s career path are hardly easy undertakings. To a large extent, the decisions one makes regarding career and undergraduate education, shape one’s future. Therefore, many hesitate in making their decision and betray an unwillingness to commit themselves to a specific educational, hence career, path. As far as I am concerned, however, the situation is very different as there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to become a nurse. This decision is based on an absolute conviction in the value of the said vocation and my belief in my own abilities to excel in it. As for my decision to apply to the B.S.N. program at New Jersey University, it was based on a thorough reading of the relevant literature.

Several factors entered into my decision to study nursing and pursue it, not just as a career but, as a vocation. The first of these was my native environment. In my native country and continent, quality medical services and professionals are in short supply. Countless die every single day in Africa simply because they do not have access to medical professionals. Added to that, the ability of doctors to extend their patients the necessary quality care is often constrained by the absence, or short supply of, professional nurses. Indeed, it is not at all uncommon for treatments to fail because of the quality of nursing. Therefore, given the described environment, I decided from a very early age that I wanted to become a nurse, especially as good nurses were in shorter supply than good doctors.

Added to the above, another factor which entered into my decision to pursue a degree in nursing is that I believe that nurses define the quality of medical care a patient receives. Doctors treat and are invaluable but nurses prepare patients for treatment, implement the treatment regime and follow up on the patient’s progress. Nurses are a vital component of successful medical care and play an integral role in the propagation of healthcare awareness. More importantly, nurses are needed. It is this awareness of the importance of nurses and the extent to which successful medical treatment and general healthcare awareness are contingent upon the role they play, that sealed my decision to purse nursing as a vocation.

As regards the reasons why I chose to apply to the B.S.N. program at New Jersey University, the university’s online published description of the program, complete with a listing of its aims and objectives, was the determining factor. As stated on the website, the program is founded upon an awareness of the fact that nursing defines healthcare quality and that nurses should play a role in the formulation and implementation of healthcare policy. If they are to live up to the said responsibilities and expectations, however, nurses have to benefit from an education which equips them with the requisite skills and knowledge. The B.S.N program at New Jersey University does precisely that. Therefore, from my perspective, the program is ideally suited to what I’m searching for and hope to become.

As a final remark, I would like to emphasise that I perceive of acceptance in the program a unique opportunity which I will do my utmost to positively exploit. It will give me the knowledge and training requisite for my professional growth and development into a professional nurse who has the capacity and willingness to contribute to the quality of healthcare wherever I work. 

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