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Dissertation and Thesis

The end result of most post-graduate studies requires the completion of a Dissertation or Thesis. The research, writing and presentation of a dissertation or thesis is one of the requirements of graduate and post graduate programmes. The structure of a Dissertation or thesis will differ, to varying degrees, based on subject  and individual university dissertation and thesis guidelines. Generally, however, the elements of a Dissertation universally shared include: introduction of dissertation or thesis topic, exploration of pre-existing literature on the chosen dissertation or thesis  subject matter, explanation of the means by which this particular dissertation or thesis has been conducted and how it differs from other standards, an outline of dissertation or thesis findings, analysis of dissertation or thesis findings, and a general assessment ofthe  specific conclusions the dissertation or thesis arrived at.

The presentation of a Dissertation or Thesis usually includes a title page, the Dissertation or Thesis abstract (synopsis of what will follow), table of contents, the body itself, and a bibliography (or references) section. Style followed in the production of the Dissertation or Thesis needs to be in consort with required presentation and will differ depending on subject matter.

Prior to writing their Dissertation or Thesis, the writer needs to assemble a Thesis Committee. The structure here will differ widely, again, depending on subject matter and availability of participants. Usually, the members of the Dissertation or Thesis committee include a primary reader and two or three more participants. Their job is to ensure both that the Dissertation or Thesis meets the standards set forth by the institution in question, and also that the subject matter is comprehensive enough to constitute something both new, innovative, and strikingly original. Upon successful completion of the Dissertation or Thesis, Comprehensive examinations, and all required class work, the writer is granted their Doctorate Degree.



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