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Education is an academic major that prepares students to become teachers in either general or specific fields of scholarship. Education majors are expected to go through a variety of basic core subjects that deal with education theory and practice, and then move on to subject specializations in areas including the Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, or Humanities. In the course of these basic core subjects such as Philosophy of Education, Educational Behavior, and Curriculum Development, the Education student should be prepared to write various papers on the use of different education concepts and their application to given hypothetical situations. Aside from developing practical skills in classroom management and lesson content delivery, another strong focus of the prospectus of Education degrees is to instill students with a deep inclination towards conducting academic research. The field of education is in constant development, and so its members are expected to be trained in the use of tools for continuous innovation.

Thus, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education is expected to entail an extensive array of research writing tasks, including formal research work that can be either quantitative or qualitative in nature. Qualitatively, these research papers can synthesize information from student interviews on the impact of a specific teaching material or visual aid. Quantitatively, these research papers can determine whether or not there exists a significant difference between the learning competences exhibited by two groups using different learning modules. The future educator will also often be required to write critiques of current peer-reviewed articles in specific areas of the education field. In these critiques, the Education major must be able to show articulate writing ability and deep critical thinking and reflective thinking skills. An Education thesis, which is usually the final requirement towards the completion of an Education degree, can have topics such as determining the effectiveness of particular developed pedagogies or describing students’ motivation in various learning environments. Education research branches out to numerous areas, such as multicultural education, differentiated instruction, and computer-assisted learning among many others.

As a university degree, Education Management is usually classified as a graduate or postgraduate academic pursuit. Primarily, this course of study deals with the development of management and managerial research knowledge, skills, and abilities in the context of educational institutions. The Education Management course prepares and develops students who are oftentimes already practicing educators to become school administrators such as principals and superintendents in the basic education level and deans in the tertiary level. It also equips students with the necessary competencies to assume managerial responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with teaching duties, such as in being department heads or course coordinators. A Master’s or Doctorate in Education Management entails significant writing responsibilities on the part of the student, who is expected to exert extensive effort and competence in preparing professional quality critiques, articles, and research papers that can pass the standards of peer-reviewed journals.