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Essays are often assigned as a means of measuring several skills in a student. These skills include comprehension, analyzing a work, comparing and contrasting elements of literary work, and using persuasive tactics to convince the reader of a certain opinion. Because an essay is a shorter piece of writing, a student must stay focused, have a clear intent, and be concise in his words. He must also be well-versed on the subject matter; this knowledge will lead to confidence in the ability to convey ideas that will direct the reader to the intended conclusion.

 Essays fall in to one of four genres:
• Expository - The student chooses an idea from the assigned reading, thoroughly explores that idea, then details the evidence to support his theory
• Descriptive - As the name implies, the student chooses an object, individual, event, or experience and details the particulars in a way that brings the subject to life for the reader
• Narrative- This is, essentially, telling a story, usually one the writer has personally experienced
• Argumentative - The student chooses a topic, then investigates, collects evidence, and formulates a clear statement of his position.

The structure of an essay often consists of five paragraphs. The first paragraph introduces the topic. The next three paragraphs lay out the evidence to support the writer's theory, with the final paragraph being a strong conclusion.

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