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Political Science

A university degree in Political Science is a course of study that borders between empirical and qualitative scholarly endeavors. Political Science deals with the development of political theories and their applications in the analysis of political systems and behaviors of political entities such as governments and civil society. The prospectus of a Bachelor’s degree in this field includes a wide range of core subjects, from the fundamentals of political science theories and doctrines to subjects on geopolitical relations and international politics. Political Science majors are expected to have high critical thinking skills, which they would be called upon to use in the many writing requirements assigned in each of the core subjects. Common writing assignments given to Political Science majors are position papers and field research papers. The typical political science graduate is expected to enter employment that require highly effective written and verbal communication skills, and thus the writing ability of Political Science students are always evaluated with the highest level of scrutiny, that involves the assessment of both the quality of the content and the clarity and persuasiveness of the writing style. Position papers in Political Science ask student to take and defend a political position in a given debate.

Evidence supporting the side that the student has taken is composed not just of facts gathered from meticulous reviews of electronic and traditional sources, but of sound, logical synthesis that combines the input provided by those facts to put forward an articulate and assertive output. Therefore, students taking up Political Science as their major are expected to constantly train into becoming well versed researchers, with a variety of modern and classic literature searching tools at their disposal. They must develop the ability to draw fresh, original, and compelling insights from existing materials and put these insights into coherent writing. However, this is only one side of a degree in Political Science. The other side is concerned with the ability to conduct quantitative research using statistically reliable means of sampling and data gathering. Political Science research papers are products not just of literature reviews but of actual field research conducted by students who are expected to have a solid background in descriptive and inferential statistical methods. The quality of Political Science research is evaluated based on rigorous and objective academic criteria. These criteria ensure that correct statistical tests and data gathering techniques are applied and that these tests and techniques are applied correctly. Therefore, it is also requisite for a Political Science student to have sufficient mathematical aptitude. At the graduate and postgraduate levels, both position papers and research papers in Political Science should be written with quality that rivals literature actually found in peer-reviewed journals and other scholarly sources.

At the undergraduate level, Political Science is usually treated as a general major under a Bachelor of Arts degree. Graduate and postgraduate studies in the field allow for more intensive specialization, usually in areas such as Political Economics, International Policy, and Environmental Politics.