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A number of the industry's leading companies have adopted a set of quality guarantees which The Essayist regards as Best Practices model which it should emulate. More importantly, these guarantees are not empty promises but are enforceable and often, willingly so by the companies themselves.

After a thorough study of the excellent research service guarantees offered by several of our competitors, The Essayist established the following research service guarantees and assures its customers that every single one of them will be upheld.
The Essayist Guarantees 17 aspects of its research services:
Confidentiality guaranteed at $5,000
No plagiarism or $5,000 and your research for free
Receive research work which complies with the grade you paid for (as per your evaluation and the grading matrix you supplied us with, and not that of your grader as we do not condone your submitting the research received from us as your own work) or $1,000 and your research work for free
Your research work delivered on time or 10% discount per day of unauthorised (not permitted by you) lateness
All amendments requested delivered on time or 5% discount per day of unauthorised (not permitted by you) lateness
Professional academic writers with flawless linguistic skills or $500 and your research work for free
Adhere to instructions you provide or $500 and your research work for free
Unlimited revisions if you contact us within two weeks following receipt of your research work
Live Support available 14 hours per day, five days a week
Writers will respond to your messages within 12 hours of your posting them (at the most)
There will always be someone at hand to answer your phone calls, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week
Your work is never randomly assigned to a staff writer but to an optimally qualified writer
Company Director and The Essayist Network Director  are always a phone call away and eager to listen to your suggestions and take action on complaints
Complete and Precise Referencing
Error-Free research work
Your research work is never resold by us.