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The Essayist offers students an extensive range of academic, research and custom writing services. Click on the icon of your choice and you will be directed to a fuller description of the service.

Model Custom Writing Research Service:

Plagiarism-free, quality custom research (essay, term paper, research paper, dissertations, thesis), written according to your exact specifications, at the academic level you require.   

Research Assistance Service:

Offered at all academic levels, this service is is tailored to each client’s needs. It includes, but is not limited to, the composition of outlines for anything from a short undergraduate essay to a post-graduate dissertation; the selection of research questions and research hypothesis; the collection and analysis of primary data; the collection of however many academic sources the student requires.


Editing Service:

At whatever academic level, we will aggressively edit your work, strengthen it and make sure that it is nothing less than a high quality research.


Proofreading Service:

This is a basic service which involves checking through, and correcting your work for typos and language mistakes.


Online Testing Service:

Does your course include online quizzes, tests and exams and are you fretting over them? Leave it to us and RELAX!


Mark It Service:

If you’ve finished your essay, thesis, term paper, research paper or dissertation but are unsure of its standard, pass it on to us. One of our professional academicians will thoroughly review your research paper, term paper, essay, thesis or dissertation, grade it and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.


Online Tutoring Service:

If you are experiencing difficulties with your studies, one of our professional academic tutors will offer you the required academic guidance and help.