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The Essayist, owned and operated by Oxbridge Researchers Ltd., does not condone plagiarism.  We provide our customers with all the resources necessary for them to write their own perfect research.

1. The model research work which we provide you with has been created for you and will only ever be sold to you – the customer.  That does not mean, however, that you should submit the research as your own.  Instead, we strongly urge you to use it as a model upon which to base your own research.  What could be easier than that?   Follow our layout/outline and cite the sources we mentioned but please write your own research.  Think of it this way:
      a) Your teacher/professor does not simply rely on plagiarism detection programmes/websites to check for plagiarism in your research but uses his/her common sense!
      b) Is it fair that you submit a professionally written piece of research while your colleagues have taken the time to write their own?

2. If you have completed the research work, we can edit and/or proofread it for you – this is not plagiarism.

3. If you have written the research but want someone to guide you towards the composition of a stronger draft – we will mark it for you and provide you with a detailed analysis of your areas of weakness and what you need to do to improve upon it.

4. If you cannot find the necessary sources, we will assist you and send them over.

Please, give yourself a chance to learn.  If you submit the research which you have purchased from us as your own, you will not learn.  At the end of the day, you will not be cheating us or your university/school ... you will be cheating yourself.  Whatever you do, do not cheat yourself ... you do not deserve that.

Allow us to help you.  Should  you give both us and yourself the chance, your grades will dramatically improve.