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Students, especially Distance Learning and Adult ones, are often faced with the daunting prospect of an Online Test.  The test is timed and if the internet connection fails, you may be logged off and disallowed from returning to the test.  Nervousness sets in and you panic; in this state, you find yourself unable to think ... 

As if that were not bad enough, many really do not understand the online test model and do not know that they need to SAVE all answers, one by one, and upon finishing, SAVE ALL and SUBMIT.  Anything can go wrong and mistakes are costly as many universities award 20% of the course grade to online test assignments.

Look at it this way:

  • The Essayist’s Write Right Team has extensive online test experience;
  • Internet connections are stable (when we have the option) we log on at a time when pressure on the ISP is at its lowest;
  • An expert in the field will assume responsibility for your test
  • Our experience is too extensive for us to ever feel nervous about an online test
  • You will receive the online test grade you ordered

If The Essayist takes over for you, you can forget your online test anxieties and be certain that you will receive top marks.