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If you have written your dissertation, thesis, essay,  term paper or research paper but need a professional to correct your language errors, you need our proofreading service. 

The Essayist's professional proofreading service is for those who do not need assistance with essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation writing but with language.  Many make errors, ranging from simple typos to punctuation, sentence structuring, grammatical and word usage mistakes.  You university may heavily penalise such errors, downgrading your essay, thesis, research paper, dissertation or term paper:

  • Most award 10% of your essay, thesis, research paper, dissertation or term paper grade to language and presentation, so you risk losing an entire letter grade;
  • If it is an English class, such as English 101, 102, 103, 111, 112 or 113, you could fail;
  • If your language mistakes interfere with meaning, you risk receiving a very low mark.

Avoid having your research downgraded and use our proofreading service.

Professional proofreading is important.  Do not scoff at the importance of proofreading your essay, profreading your research paper, proofreading your dissertation or proofreading your thesis.  Without proper proofreading, your grades suffer.