• Oxbridge Researchers

Whether it is a straightforward High School essay or a complicated Graduate thesis on molecular chemistry, the research and writing process can be difficult. This is due to a large number of reasons:

  • You cannot find the required sources or enough scholarly, peer-reviewed articles on your research topic;
  • A significant percentage of your grade is tied to your research and you do not want to jeopardise the possibility of earning an A.
  • You do not know where to begin or how to structure your research.
  • You are unable to come up with a strong set of research questions or research hypothesis.
  • You just do not know what your research thesis statement should be.
  • You are having difficulties designing your research data collection tools and need help
  • You need to collect primary research data but do not know how to go about it

As long as your problem is academic, our Research Assistance Service can help you overcome it.  Just talk to us, whether through the telephone or our Online Chat portal, and we’ll discuss the nature of your research assistance requirements and how we may help you. 

As this service is customisable to the individual research needs of our clients, you can be quite sure that it will specifically address all your requirements. Just tell us what kind of research help you need and leave your worries behind.